Name: Bill Gibson
Age: 63
Location: Holiday, Florida
Gender: Male
Years Racing: 1991
Member Since: Thursday Nov 4, 2010
I like to do too many things.....Im CRAZY ABOUT MY GRANDKIDS! As long as its still fun, ill play boats till i drop dead! If it stops being fun ill just quit!I wish i could make more races so i could do better to keep in touch with all the GREAT people that ive come to know in this wonderful hobby!
Races Attended
2011 Second Annual Sunshine State Twin Rigger Shootout Brandon Model Boaters
2010 December STORM Race #4 S.E. Tunnel Boat Racing Assoc.
2011 Orlando Winter Nationals Orlando Culvert Dodgers
6th Annual Winter Nitro Championships Brandon Model Boaters
Brandon FE winter Tune Up Brandon Model Boaters
R.A.M. Fun Gas Race! Saturday October 17 Racing Association of Miami
40th Annual Orlando Winter Nationals Orlando Culvert Dodgers Inc
"Palm Lake Park" Fall FE Fun Race Wave Blasters of Florida